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Monthly Archives: December 2010

I’ve Got a One-Year-Old

Yup, it’s true. We had a wonderful baby party on the weekend before his birthday, and my friend made this gorgeous train cake for him. What an awesome gift! Look at all the detail! That was his first taste of cake and icing. That was going to be it, since we had two Christmas Concerts to go to on Zach’s birthday… But something came over me and I just had to make him his very own cake for the day of his birthday. I envisioned the cake-smashing photo, and I set it all up with the cake and him on the floor and got down low… but it turns out he’s a baby who doesn’t really like icing… either the sticky feel or the taste, I don’t know but he wanted nothing to do with it! Anyway, here are a couple of photos from the two celebrations for my one-year-old. What a year it’s been!


A New Kind of Wedding Video

There’s a new kind of wedding video surfacing out there… and it’s SO cool. It’s fast, it’s brief, it’s action-packed and it makes the bride and groom look like they’re starring in their own movie. The compositions, angles, background blur and bokeh are just like digital photography, because they’re shot with the same kind of camera. Check these out, the same camera I use, when in the hands of film-guru Matt Trecartin, looks like this when shooting video. Incredible, Matt, thank you so much!! Can’t wait to shoot some weddings along side you, I never even noticed you filming me!

Emma Rose Photography from Matt Trecartin on Vimeo.

Bridal Photo Shoot from Matt Trecartin on Vimeo.

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