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Monthly Archives: August 2011

Can’t beat the rain

If I had to choose one word to describe Krista & Patrick it would be patient. While the rain poured (and poured and poured) on their wedding day, neither one of them skipped a beat, in fact I even heard them talk about it not mattering at all to them!

Why am I surprised? I guess because rain matters to me on a wedding day.

Once I had a voicemail from a reporter wanting to do an interview about how rain affected me as a wedding photographer. Well, I missed that opportunity to voice my opinion but I’m going to take it now. Rain sucks. And it’s awesome. All balled into one. I’ve got a love-hate-relationship with rain when I’m shooting a wedding. I used to fear it, because it meant plans change and we’re going to possibly end up in an ugly indoor room somewhere with ugly light and ugly walls taking photos that can be anything but ugly. It’s hard work, creating beautiful from ugly! I’ve come to plan for rain and embrace rain, to look for ways to show the rain and the mood it created, the droplets, the umbrellas, the dark skies, the wet streets, the puddles. Rain doesn’t have to affect the wedding beyond indoor locations and trying to stay dry, everyone’s still giddy and celebratory, excited and loving! So that part I love, describing an added element the way a sunny or cloudy day is not described. But I still do find rain restrictive, so that’s the downside. I’m not really looking forward to the day that my shutter doesn’t open because the rain fried my camera. Maybe I’ll invest in underwater housing or one of those umbrellas that you can attach to your head so I don’t have to worry about ruining my camera gear and just have fun with rain!

So back to Krista & Patrick. There was absolutely no let-up to the rain on their wedding day but we planned for that and had a bunch of locations to hit in the Halifax downtown core in search of great light and shelter. They had a larger than average gap between the ceremony and reception, so we took a larger than average number of posed photos. And these two were awesome subjects for that and I don’t think Patrick ever stopped smiling the entire day! We found Krista’s inner model and had her strike some dangerously gorgeous poses just for fun. Lauren and I wanted to keep going once we got back to the Lord Nelson, their updated look is stunning with all kinds of shiny and sparkly surfaces… but alas it was time for eating, drinking and merrymaking! Congratulations guys you’re a great match!

Photo below by Lauren Kaye.

Two photos directly below by Lauren Kaye:

Photo on left directly below by Lauren Kaye:

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